Ground Beef 75% Lean Labels 

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Do You Need Specific Ground Beef Nutritional Labels? 

Making sure that you have the right ground beef nutritional labels for your grocery store is crucial. After all, your customers will certainly be looking for specific lean points when shopping the meat section of your grocery store. 

Get Your Ground Beef 75% Lean Labels 

What is a ground beef 75% lean label? When you look at the nutritional labels on ground beef, one of the first things you’ll see is a ratio that ranges between 73/27 to 96/4. These numbers tell you the lean-to-fat ratio of the ground beef. This number is also referred to as the lean point. For example, a beef label that reads 75/25 will contain 75% lean meat and 25% fat. 

Customers will want to know what the specific lean point, or lean-to-fat ratio, of the meat they’re buying is. After all, which lean point works best will depend on what dish they intend to use the meat for. 

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