We are the arch-enemy of perishables shrink

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Reduce the shrink of vulnerable categories such as produce, meat, seafood, cheese, and deli. Get help creating shoppable displays from an industry consultant who works with large and small grocery chains and individual “mom and pop” stores.

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Let’s get in touch

Having grown up in the grocery business, running my own gourmet shops and helping
others in the business, I’ve gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in display and
merchandising food and grocery items in perishable and non-perishable categories.
I often work with grocers who do a good job but want to get to the next level by using
more sophisticated techniques and equipment to reduce shrink and maximize available
but limited display space. In some cases, they may just want to freshen their stores or
certain departments to re-excite customer interest. Many times, they don’t even realize
that they have a problem and could be much more profitable by having a more attractive
store with little effort in a short time which will yield a higher return on their investment.
Here are some of the steps we take to work with you:

  1. CALL or EMAIL: First reach out to us at our toll-free number, 1-888-558-5575, or by email at
    nelson@nelsonssuperio.wpengine.com and explain what your challenges are. We can
    then schedule a time to meet in person to walk your store(s) and troubleshoot ideas. This
    can be done with Facetime or on location depending on your situation and budget.
  2. TAKE a LOOK: Pictures of areas of concentration and concern with a few simple measurements can often be a good starting point. We will discuss how to do this during our initial contact.
  3. STRATEGIZE: A proposal is then developed to address the area(s) in question and can lead
    to a possible test area or sample shipment.
  4. REVIEW: We review the test results or sample and decide on necessary changes or how
    to move forward.
  5. SOLUTION: We develop a proposal for changes and a plan for delivery and installation.
  6. FINAL REVIEW: We review and analyze the results.

I look forward to speaking with you. Please visit my website at
www.nelsonssuperiorproducts.com for an introduction to some of our many products.

Nelson Friedman

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